At EMFG, our Transaction Banking Advisory services are designed to empower corporates and financial institutions with strategic insights and solutions in the areas of cash management, trade finance, and credit sourcing. Our comprehensive approach extends to a wide array of transactions, including:

Term Loan Arrangement

Successfully raised debt for a bank in East Africa, contributing to financial stability and growth.

Corporate Strategy Facilitation

Provided strategic guidance to a global development institution in South East Asia, aligning their goals for sustainable development.

Banking Supervision and Risk Management Advisory

Assisted a Central Bank in East Africa with advisory services in banking supervision and risk management, enhancing regulatory compliance and resilience.

Scoping Missions

Conducted scoping missions to Central Banks in West and East Africa on behalf of a global development bank, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Advisory Work for Developmental Agency

Contributed to developmental efforts in Kyrgyzstan through advisory work for a developmental agency, driving positive change.

Trade Finance Advisory

Provided trade finance advisory services for banks in Beijing, China, optimizing their trade operations.

Setting up Trade Finance Facilities

Advised on the establishment of trade finance facilities for a regional finance institution in Africa, facilitating smoother trade transactions.

Risk Appetite and Risk Culture Consulting

Conducted risk appetite and risk culture consulting for a bank in East Africa, strengthening risk management practices.

At EMFG, our commitment to excellence and tailored solutions ensures that our clients navigate the complexities of transaction banking with confidence and success.